Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Alcoholics and drug users often feel that their failure to get clean is because they are hopeless addicts. They may spend time in rehab centers, where the motive is to rid the body of the toxic chemicals, but incomplete work is put into resolving the core beliefs and emotions driving the urge and compulsion. And so the substance abusers, unable to find permanent relief, tragically accept the belief that complete recovery is impossible. They are often told that the best they can do for themselves is manage their disease, because it is a lifetime addiction. Hence, being an alcoholic or drug addict, or a recovering addict at best, becomes their lifetime label.


The healing work I offer a substance abuser provides a different understanding. An understanding that the mind and body are intrinsically connected and physiological health or rebalancing of the body chemistry is dependent on emotional health. In other words, addiction is viewed as a symptom of emotional ill health and is the result of deeply seeded unresolved emotional and thought patterns of the inner mind. Creating emotional health is the basis for complete recovery of all forms of addiction. 


The addictive symptoms are physically and emotionally painful and overwhelming. They include physical aches and perfuse sweating, extreme feelings of fear and overall depression. Unable to find relief of their emotional pain and physical discomfort, the user resorts to what they know best, their choice of alcohol or drug, and the vicious cycle becomes deeper entrenched. Their belief of failure and being a hopeless addict is reaffirmed. 


Substance abuse recovery must happen in several respects. First and foremost is to have a personal honest willingness and desire to heal and become substance free. Then it is vital for a user to honestly believe that complete recovery and a lifetime change is absolutely possible for them. Thirdly, it is important for a person to realize that returning to a few drinks of alcohol or using even a small amount can perpetuate the chemical imbalance and can refuel self-destructive thought and emotional patterns. I strongly encourage clients coming to me for recovery to also receive help for physical detoxification, while emotional health and taking back control of their lives is found though hypnosis.


It has been my experience to see clients have some wonderful change in just a few hypnosis sessions. Clients can quickly begin to reclaim feelings of worthiness, inner strength and renewed ease of mind and body. Although the hypnotic process does offer rapid change, successful and full recovery is found when an individual remains committed and completes a series of sessions. This assures good mental cleansing of old toxic emotional energy, and allows healthy thought and belief patterns to dominate the mind. The symptoms of addiction can then release completely, along with the label.













































Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free