Overcoming Depression


An individual harboring severely depressive thoughts and emotions can find themselves feeling defeated, hopeless and helpless. These are symptoms of unresolved hurt and fear, anger, frustration and guilt that stem from life situations and circumstances, such as difficult relationships, abuse, loss and injury.


A person may exhibit lack of energy and motivation, lack of appetite or overeating, poor sleeping mixed with excessive sleeping, as well as mental confusion, poor focus and poor concentration. Often a person feels emotionally numb, empty inside and just wants to hide away. Severe negativity that causes thoughts or attempts of suicide must be given immediate medical attention.


However debilitating life may feel, it is possible for an individual to get out from living under such a dark cloud. Hypnosis can guide you to reclaim a positive and empowered mental attitude and recover a life of happiness and wellness. First, it allows you to uncover the cause of your debilitating mental thoughts and emotional hurt, pain and suffering. It gives you the opportunity to gain a clearer and healthier perspective of your situation. It then allows you to release self-defeating patterns of thoughts and emotions, and rebuild self-love, self-trust, self-worth, strength and confidence.


Thus, you give yourself the opportunity to completely dissolve that dark cloud, that heaviness in your heart, and again feel a desire and interest to take part in life’s joys and pleasures. As with all change, the key to successful change is having the honest desire to rebuild a happier and healthier lifestyle, and believing you can. Hypnosis will then provide you a highly effective means to regain control of your life, and again feel whole, connected and balanced.











































Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free