Fears and Phobias


Whether it’s creepy crawly things, pitch darkness or things that go bump in the night, we all feel fearful of something to some degree. It is natural and normal.  In many cases, feeling fear is healthy and vital in keeping us safe from real danger, such as being outside during a lightning storm or carelessly crossing a busy street.


Overwhelming fear may cause extreme apprehension and severely interfere with a person’s daily life. A fear of heights may cause a person to experience intense worry and apprehension simply by walking across a small bridge. The person consciously knows the bridge is safe, but such fear is never reasonable. Such an undercurrent of deeply unsettling and alarming feelings can often expand to include a number of other seemingly unrelated things and situations. 


Extreme and seemingly illogical fear is the subconscious way to protect us from what it perceives to be harmful and life threatening. The subconscious mind cannot decipher real danger from imagined danger, and so it creates an intense apprehension. Whether it stems from a physical event or emotional situation in our lives, the subconscious way of guarding and protecting us is by generating intense discomfort. Thus, we avoid what the subconscious mind perceives as dangerous. 


In time, just the thought of feeling apprehensive generates more fear, which creates more apprehension. The person may even become hyper-vigilant, and easily unnerved at the slightest physical sensation that reminds them of fearful feelings. This often leads the person into feeling they have lost control of themselves and their life.


When the initial event of the unset of the fear is consciously known, hypnosis is a safe, quick and effective way to take back control of yourself and your life by re-examining the fear and establishing realistic and accurate thoughts. It allows you to replace out of control reactions with relaxing and calming responses. In addition, self hypnosis is an effective method to continue to dissolve any further catastrophic thoughts, and continue to build self-confidence, self-assurance and emotional wellness. 


In some cases, the initial event where the fear originated may be consciously unknown. Hypnosis gives the individual the opportunity to uncover the situation and circumstance where the fear began. This allows the individual to reexamine the conditions causing the fear to develop and gain insight to how it grew into extreme fear. New insight and understanding allows the subconscious mind to reorganize, change its perceptions of danger, and eliminate fear and resulting discomforts.


Often the initial event where the fear is found to have originated is remembered, but seems insignificant. After all, how can a simple fun jester of dad tossing you as a youngster into the air or whirling you around above his head, cause you to have a sudden feeling of fear at the age of 30 while you are looking over a second story balcony? Well, it can happen. Overwhelming fear can begin at any time, but most debilitating fears originate in the early childhood years when the mind is most impressionable and a deep fear of the unknown can more easily develop. 


If fear is holding you prisoner, let hypnosis unlock the door and set you free. Whether the fear stems from an old illogical or misperceived life experience, or has developed from intense catastrophic thoughts, hypnosis allows for rapid and efficient change. It empowers you to take back full control of yourself, and live your life feeling calm, confident and balanced.






























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