Article published in:

Natural Awakenings Healthy Living
June 2007
Jacksonville, Florida




Freedom from Fears

By Helga Rahn, CH


Whether it’s creepy crawly things, pitch darkness or things that go bump in the night, we all feel afraid of something to some degree. It is natural and normal. It is our healthy internal guidance system signaling us and causing us to feel uneasy and keeping us safe from real danger, such as being outside during a lightening storm or carelessly crossing a street with heavy traffic.  


However, when we find ourselves feeling fearful to such a degree that it causes extreme apprehension, our daily life is often severely interrupted. For example, a fear of heights may cause a person to experience intense worry and apprehension simply by walking across a small bridge. The person consciously knows the bridge is safe. But then again, such uneasiness is never reasonable or logical.  Such an undercurrent of deeply unsettling and alarming feelings can often expand to include a number of other seemingly unrelated things and situations. 


And so we wonder to ourselves. What is this terrible fear that has found its way into so many areas of my life?


Fears begin in a number of ways. Sometimes the initial event where a fear originates is remembered, but seems insignificant. After all, how can a simple fun jester of Dad tossing his youngster into the air, cause the youngster a sudden feeling of extreme panic as an adult many years later, while looking over a second story balcony? Well it can and it does. Overwhelming fear can begin at any time, but most debilitating fears originate in the early childhood years when the mind is most impressionable and a deep fear of the unknown can more easily develop.


Quite often, intense catastrophic thinking causes extreme fear. An example is a person who has experienced a painful relationship break-up or loss of a significant other, causing them to feel overwhelming emotional and physical distress. When faced with the prospects of becoming intimately involved with another person, the person feels so completely threatened and so physical uncomfortable, that they react by avoiding all future involvement with another person.


Over time, whatever fear we may be feeling, often creates more fear in us, by the mere thought of the troubling feeling. We may even become hyper-vigilant, and easily unnerved at the slightest physical sensation of our intensifying misgiving and worrisome feelings. And we feel we have lost control of ourselves and our lives.


Extreme and seemingly illogical fear is actually the subconscious way to protect us from what it perceives to be harmful and life threatening. The subconscious mind cannot decipher real danger from imagined danger, and so it creates an intense apprehension. Whether it stems from a physical event or emotional situation in our lives, the subconscious way of guarding and protecting us, is by generating intense discomfort. Thus we avoid what the subconscious mind perceives as pending danger. 


The process of hypnosis allows a person to safely, quickly and permanently become free from their fears. This is because hypnotism works directly with the subconscious mind, the emotional part of the mind. It is in the subconscious mind, where the core reasons of our debilitating fears can be self-discovered. In turn, we learn and understand how certain unsettling and disturbing feelings we hold in our subconscious mind negatively affect and influence our lives.


With new insight and knowledge, working directly with the subconscious mind allows us to clear away limiting fears, and establish realistic and accurate thoughts and beliefs. Ultimately, we are able to replace old out-of-control reactions with beautiful relaxing and calming responses, and be back in control of our selves and our lives. Interestingly enough, what used to be so disruptive in our every day life, seems to melt away, and we tend to never again give it another thought.





















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