How Our Past Affects Our Present


We are the sum total of our past.

How we emotionally deal with our past directly influences our present life. When we reflect inward and uncover those emotions we continue to carry inside us, we can begin to understand what drives our life patterns.


When we hold onto unhealthy emotions rather than letting them flow through us, we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable somewhere in our body. The feeling we feel is the physical sensation of those emotions. Perhaps an emotion we hold generates a feeling of tightness in our throat, a knot or emptiness in our stomach, or an ache in our back. When we listen to those feelings, we discover the emotion generating that feeling.


In all respects, our emotions and our feelings are our inborn guidance system. All feelings are valuable, important and vital. They help and guide us to recognize and meet our needs to be healthy, happy and live fulfilling and productive lives. That makes all emotions and feelings good! However, we live in a world that so often considers many emotions and feelings bad. And we are routinely given drugs to numb the so called bad emotions and feelings. Drugs may help us temporarily, but they do not and cannot heal our emotional needs. 


When we are very young, we do not have the cognitive ability to understand our emotions and feelings, and so often we do not know what to do to meet, resolve and satisfy our emotional needs in a healthy and productive way. And so, whether intentionally or unintentionally, emotions that remain unmet, unresolved and unsatisfied, emotions that we ignore, numb or distract ourselves from, continue to signal us in the form of feelings, and can manifest into physically unhealthy conditions, physical illness and disease.


Emotional Resonance


All emotions are energy in motion. Emotions are an intricate part of being human and we are always experiencing emotional energy and feelings. The problem is when emotional energy does not flow easily and freely through us, and instead becomes trapped, stuck and mangled inside us. 


Physics states that all things in life vibrate at a certain frequency. When two things have a similar frequency, and one is activated or begins to vibrate, it causes the other one to resonate or vibrate. For example, let’s say two guitars are tuned to each other and they are placed close in proximity. If the C string of one guitar is activated, the C string of the other guitar will be activated. Together they will vibrate due to an acoustic resonance.


Emotional resonance follows the same principle. We store our memories, our thoughts, our emotions and feelings in the cells of our body. When a current situation, incident or event in our present lives resonates with a past situation, incident or event, we instantly have flashbacks. Those specific stored memories, thoughts, emotions and feelings are energized, and they resonate forward into our present.  Essentially we are re-experiencing or re-living our past.


The problem is when our stored memories are charged with uncomfortable emotions and feelings. In this case, if a present situation, incident or event, although different in content, resonates with an uncomfortable past memory, it is like re-energizing and re-activating an unresolved, unsatisfied, unhealed wound. Like adding salt to a wound, it stings. And over time, an unhealed wound tends to grow even more toxic and poisonous, as it vibrates into our present life, and causes even the littlest problem to be blown out of proportion.


The process of hypnosis gives us the ability to uncover trapped, bound and pent up emotional energy living inside us. It then gives us the opportunity to resolve the debilitating emotional charge of the memory, allowing emotional energy to again flow easily and freely through us.


When we free ourselves from emotional anchors of our past, we can sail free and live comfortably in the present. No longer do we live as though there is a volcano inside us ready to explode at the littlest upset. And we take back control of our lives.   















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