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New Health Digest

October 2006

Rochester, New York




We Live In An Inclusive World

By Helga Rahn, CH



Have you heard the phrase “What you resist, persists?” Doesn’t feel very good, does it? But it is precisely how our world is, without exception.


The predominate understanding I help all my clients reach is that the natural path and flow in life is health, happiness and peace. If the balance of our attention is on what we do not want, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we cause ourselves to experience something other than health, happiness and peace. Simply put, we mis-create.


It does not matter whether our goal is to grow more confident and self-sufficient, more successful in business or relationships, create healthy behavior or a healthy body. We will create into being our dominant thought. For example, we cannot bring good fortune to us if we hold thoughts of criticism about another person’s success, or thoughts of envy because of their good looks or their social status or financial status. That is because we are coming from a point of lack. And we will create lack. We manifest the opposite of our desire to be successful.


Similarly, we cannot create physical health if we hold worrisome thoughts about being ill and are constantly on the lookout for symptoms or ways to prevent illness. This is because when our mind is primarily focused on the absence of health, we are inviting illness into our body. What we say ‘no’ to, is essentially saying ’yes’ to, because we live in an inclusion world.


Along with our five physical senses of sound, sight, smell, touch and taste, we also have a powerful internal guidance system of emotions. Our emotions and physical sensations or feelings are our barometer. They are our gage to understand if we are hindering our goal by creating the opposite of it, or if we are inviting in our goal by aligning ourselves with it.


If we want to create good fortune, consider what it feels like to be your successful self. Imagine holding wonderful and fulfilling thoughts of being successful at your chosen form of work, reaping the rewards, waking up every morning excited and loving what you do. Feels good, yes?


To create physical health, consider what it feels like to be healthy and look healthy with a strong heart, healthy lungs and healthy well-oxygenated blood supply and have wonderful energy throughout your day. Feels good, yes?


By paying attention to your emotional guidance system, you learn for yourself whether you are creating what you want, simply by becoming aware if you are feeling fundamentally good about your thoughts. If your thoughts are causing you to feel fundamentally bad, uneasy, empty or down, you may find yourself creating the opposite of your healthy desire.


Even when we entertain seemingly positive thoughts, we also need to become aware of the emotions surrounding those desirable thoughts. This allows us to know whether we are hindering or inviting in our healthy and positive goal. If we have thoughts about becoming slender, fit and trim and this causes us to look forward and feel good, positive, excited and motivated about what we do want, we will manifest into being, those desired thoughts. However, if we have thoughts about becoming slender, fit and trim, and they cause us to reflect back on negative thoughts about what we don’t have with our current body, causing us to feel bad, unable or afraid, we will continue to manifest that unwanted body.


The Universe is always providing us fulfillment for our desires. To enjoy the infinite and natural life flow of health, happiness and peace, all we need to do is align our intentions, thoughts and feelings with these qualities of life. We need to be mindful that we cannot block them off with resisting and sabotaging thoughts and still expect wonderful fulfillment at the same time; just like we cannot enjoy the sunshine by living in a dark room. But like the sun that continues to shine equally on everything, well-being constantly flows toward us all, and is always available for us to enjoy when we are open to receive and allow it to flow.





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