Improve your Learning, Studying and Exam Taking


Our subconscious mind will always obediently carry out whatever internal belief we hold about ourselves. More often, poor school grades are not because of problems with intelligence or capability, but because of fears held within. If on some level we believe we are unable to do well, have low self-esteem, low confidence or low motivation, our learning becomes difficult and stressful.


Hypnosis allows you to discover and release such limiting emotions, and rebuild a positive attitude toward study, learning and taking exams. This allows learning to be the enjoyable, successful and enriching experience it is meant to be.


Together we will work for you to develop new classroom learning skills and study skills, as well as exam taking skills. Through imagery, repetition and cues, I will help you to condition yourself to eliminate distraction, as well as to develop a keen sense of concentration and focus for greater comprehension. This includes a plan of action to create a workable study environment, and then to efficiently manage your study time. Quickly and effectively, you will find yourself able to internalize new information, and improve your memory for retaining words, concepts and ideas. Then to bring it all into your success, I will help you to condition yourself to readily recall all necessary information for exams.


As in all things we do, it is important to look forward to a reward for our efforts. Whether it is treating yourself to a special activity of fun, or heightening your awareness of more job opportunities, your efforts will be reinforced and strengthened if you clearly foresee yourself receiving something meaningful.  I suggest you reward yourself, even if it is in a small way, after you have successfully completed certain steps in your learning experience.


In addition, it is useful to learn self hypnosis to continue improving in any area of learning. Especially beneficial is to learn to place yourself in hypnosis with your eyes open. This will enable you to feel deeply relaxed and have wonderful focus and concentration, as you attend class, study and take your exams. It’s all here and available for you, to make your learning experience enjoyable, successful and enriching!















































Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free