Meet Helga Rahn




Helga Rahn is a certified hypnotist and owner of Inner Harmony Hypnosis. In the mid 1990’s she became interested in hypnosis when she discovered the profound and unlimited healing that can be accomplished through the process of hypnosis. That is because hypnosis is a tool like no other, that gives a person the opportunity to gain insight about themselves, discover the root cause of their difficulty, and realize the best way to rebalance into health and success.


In the year 2000, Helga established her full-time hypnosis practice. In the warm and caring atmosphere of her office, she has successfully helped thousands of clients to overcome their most difficult emotional, behavioral and physical challenges.


Helga offers private advanced hypnosis sessions, as well as group workshops and lectures to help the public gain a better understanding of the limitless uses of hypnosis as a healing and self improving modality. She continually adds new knowledge and techniques to her practice to provide her clients with the best service possible.


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Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free