Relief from Pain


Pain is a signal to you that some part of your system and structure is experiencing an insult. The first reaction we have is resistance, causing an interruption to our natural and normal healthy energy flow. Pain is created by the mind and signals the brain. The brain then transforms the signal into a physical sensation. Emotional fear and worry creates more resistance, heightening and sometimes prolonging pain. It is important we pay attention to any injury and seek medical attention for a life threatening injury, but alerting us is the only purpose for pain.


Pain that is experienced due to physical illness, disease, disorder or condition can be greatly reduced and often times completely eliminated. This is possible by healing the unresolved and repressed unhealthy emotional and thought patterns that are fueling the physical illness, disease, disorder or condition. This can be accomplished by working with cell memory. Every cell of our body stores memory. If the stored memory is laden with emotional hurt and unhealthy perceptions, the pain is a calling out from that part of the body needing resolution.


All repressed emotions will continue to communicate to us in the form of pain and disorder until they are heard, understood and released. This is not about desensitizing, numbing, masking or managing. It is about listening and letting go of old, outdated and unnecessary emotional energy, and replacing it with healthy emotions and perceptions.

























































Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free