Releasing the Pain from Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse


When those we trust abuse us, treat us with disrespect, control and criticism, it erodes our self worth and self love. Some such people find themselves going through life like walking zombies or empty shells, leading detached and unconnected lives. Without question, past injustices can create enormously debilitating blocks and lead to an array of behavior problems as well as physical disease, and negatively influence a person on every level of their life.


You do not have to live with harm from abuse invading your health and happiness. Nor do you have to simply manage it. You have the capability to eliminate the negative effects of abuse from your life completely. The process of hypnosis allows disruptive emotional wounds to be faced with an honesty and truth that allows for thorough and permanent healing. It allows you to unload yourself of the emotional baggage of guilt, self blame, anger, sadness, fear and hurt. And with the weight of the past behind you, hypnosis gives you the opportunity to find a brand new sense of self value and self love, the very ingredients for a healthy, happy and successful present life and future.













































Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free