Can We Heal Our Own Body? 


The body's natural tendency is that toward health.


Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician and teacher given the title “Father of Medicine”, taught that our physical body has the inborn capability to right itself and grow whole and healthy. Current western medicine promotes the need for medical intervention to treat an unhealthy physical condition. Its focus is on our physical make-up. 


But how much does matter matter?


Science has shown us that our genetic make-up can be linked to disease, maladies and disorders of the body. But what activates the gene? What causes the cells of our body to grow healthy or unhealthy?


It is the discoveries found in our invisible world of quantum physics that has brought undeniable evidence to the table that matter is actually made of energy. Many well respected authors and scholars of medicine and science such as Bruce H. Lipton, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart and Deepak Chopra have expanded on these findings, further validating the energetic make-up of all life.


This belief that we are not inert matter, but an intricate system of interrelating energy fields has been supported in Eastern Medicine for thousands of years. It supports that our physiological health is dependent on the free flowing energy through the body. Simply put, harmonious energy vibrations resonate together and amplify each other and cause a free flow of energy throughout our body. This allows us to feel good, energized and be physical healthy. The opposite happens when the energy of an unhealthy cell merges with the energy of a healthy cell. When these energy waves intersect, their differences cause one to cancel out the other one, and our body's natural and normal healthy and free flowing energy is blocked. This causes energy to become stuck and trapped inside our body. Energy-based modalities such as chiropractic and acupuncture support the importance of energy flow and its direct influence on our physiological health.  (Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., The Biology of Belief, ©2005) 


Let’s take into account that our body is an intelligent living organism where every cell is graced with the incredible power of the mind. The principles of the interdependence of non-matter and matter explain the influential power of the mind that is non-matter and pure thought and emotional energy, over the body that is matter. Also important to understand is that our physical brain is the transmitter of mental thoughts and emotional vibrations, and is responsible for sending these signals throughout our body. 


If the mental vibration is composed of unhealthy thoughts and emotional energy, the cells vibrate with un-health, preventing the natural free flow of our healthy energy. Consequently, our energy can become stuck and trapped. And it is this stuck energy, when compounded with additional unhealthy thoughts and emotional energy that can grow toxic inside our body and be the driving force manifesting illness and disease.


While medical intervention treats matter or our physical make-up, hypnosis is a tool that works directly with non-matter or our energetic make-up. It allows you to open up to the subconscious mind’s inner programming that holds disease-causing thought and emotional energy, and then gives you the opportunity to resolve and release them. Once stuck, buried and trapped illness-causing thought and emotional energy is released, the body is free to return to its natural and normal flow of healthy soothing life-enhancing energy. And because the mind and body are naturally inseparable and completely interrelated, incorporating the mind’s powerful influence over the body offers more effective, efficient and permanent healing results rather than relying on medical intervention alone.


As a result, it is not wishful thinking but quite possible that people diagnosed with terminal cancer and using their mental capabilities are able to spontaneously recover and lead healthy lives. It is quite possible that other people diagnosed with incurable diabetes and using the power of their minds are able to rebalance their bio-chemical system to produce normal levels of insulin. There are volumes of reliable statistics that are filled with many similar heart-warming stories of healing.   


Quantum physics has propelled us into a new revolutionary way of understanding the mind as an extraordinarily powerful healing tool. This is evident as more and more people are discovering the enormous power of their own mind to heal themselves and are becoming the manager of their own well-being.



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Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free