Quieting your mind into a deeply restful sleep, night after night after night...
                                        Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?


Not only is this something we all want, but it is central to our well-being. When it seems we cannot “shut off” our mind or we have trouble staying asleep, our body does not unwind and relax, and our muscles remain tight and tense. Eventually we exhaust ourselves, our body weakens, our emotions are thrown off balance and we sabotage our ability to focus and concentrate throughout our days.


However, falling asleep and sleeping well is natural and normal. Your unconscious mind already knows how to put you to sleep. It is something you can retrain and reprogram your mind and body to again do quickly and easily.


If you’re having difficulty sleeping because of emotional causes, it is necessary to first resolve whatever is emotionally burdening you. Often times, sleepless nights result from mentally straining ourselves. It’s when we try to solve our problems all night long, by using only our conscious mind, and we continually analyze and rehash our day’s events, our challenges and frustrations. The problem is that the smaller weaker conscious mind is only about 10% of our whole mental capacity.


When you allow your unconscious mind to move you into sleep, it goes to work for you. This greater more powerful part of your mind is active 24/7. While you sleep, your inner mind fully takes over and heals and rejuvenates your body, sifts and sorts out your day’s overload, and helps you resolve problems far more efficiently than the conscious mind ever could by itself. And all you do is sleep! 


You’ll find yourself awakening each morning with a renewed energy flowing through your body. Your mind is refreshed, alert and ready to make good clear decisions. You’ll find yourself going through your day feeling positive and confident, and able to deal with all of life’s pressures with greater assurance, ease and emotional balance.  



Sleep Trigger

After resolving emotional limitations, I can teach you a very simple, quick and easy sleep trigger that within a minute or two will help you quiet your mind and relax into a deep restful sleep. Once you condition yourself with your sleep trigger by using it for several consecutive nights, it will work for you whenever you need it, no matter where you are. And the more you use it the more effective it becomes, and more quickly you'll fall asleep. The interesting thing is that after using your sleep trigger and locking it deeply into your inner mind, unless you deliberately replace it with another suggestion, it will work for you forever, even if you use it infrequently.




Dreams are the way the subconscious metaphorically pieces together our life experiences, in an attempt to cope with life experiences, as well as integrate them inside of us. While dreaming, we accept it as reality. They are there for us to listen to. They are representing something very important to us, needing to be resolved. Hypnosis allows us to understand and resolve the trapped emotional energy represented by repetitive dreams, and this allows them to release from our consciousness and stop occurring.





























Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free