Building Self-Esteem, Confidence & Motivation


Each and every one of us is innately driven to progress in life, and to achieve our own personal best. As we strive forward, it is common to experience difficulties along the way, but when obstacles negatively affect our self-esteem, confidence and motivation, it becomes detrimental to our progress. Hypnosis has proven time and time again, to help us to uncover how life’s obstacles have emotionally interfered with our plans, and caused us low self-esteem, low confidence and to lose our motivation. Often times, feelings of inadequacy thread back into our early childhood years, when we are most vulnerable to degrading opinions and comments made toward us by family, teachers and friends. 


The state of hypnosis allows us to review past circumstances unclouded by conscious judgment, and more truthfully understand how and why we formed fearful and demeaning self-beliefs. New insight allows us to clear away old fearful and limiting perceptions of ourselves. In essence, we are rebuilding our most important relationship, and that is the one we have with ourselves.


Such renewed self-value and self-appreciation lays the groundwork for self-confidence. Hypnosis allows us to look within ourselves for acceptance and approval, and honestly learn to determine from within, what is good and productive for ourselves. We can build a powerful sense of, "I am in charge and I can do it” attitude. As we build self-support and self-trust, we learn to self-direct toward what works best for us to achieve our own personal needs and desires. Consequently, outside opinions and comments made toward us simply do not have any lasting influence on us. 


With self-esteem and confidence well in place, we have the foundation to take action by defining clear and attainable goals in small reasonable steps. This motivates us, and we look forward to the string of rewards obtained through smaller successes. As smaller rewards mount into bigger rewards, we can more fully envision our ultimate goal. 


This further increases our confidence, and fuels our belief in our worthiness to be successful and happy, and that we have the capabilities to achieve what we desire to have in our lives. All disappointments and frustrations that naturally accompany all goals have no residual negative influence on us. Finally, we become the confident, motivated and successful person we want to be. 




















































Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free