Overcoming Sexual Difficulties


The physical expression of love and intimacy through sexual activity is one of the greatest beauties in life. Having any problems with sexual ability, functions and pleasures can be devastating to an individual and severely disrupt sexual relationships. The first step is to have a complete medical evaluation for any possible organic or physical problems. On occasions, the underlying causes can be such things as birth defect, physical trauma, illness or disease. Once all medical issues are eliminated, hypnosis can quickly and effectively help individuals regain a sexually satisfying life. 


Erectile Dysfunction


Once physical problems are ruled out, erectile dysfunction is a problem that resides in the subconscious mind. Whether it is pre-ejaculation, poor ejaculation control, total loss of erection, semi-loss of erection or erection loss just before penetration, it is a response based on an accumulation of negative thoughts and emotional fears, worries and hurts. Hypnosis is an easy and rapid process that allows you to uncover and resolve the cause of your sexual inability and then regain your control, your confidence and sense of masculinity.




Once physical problems are dismissed, limiting beliefs and emotional fears held in the subconscious mind are the cause of frigidity. Hypnosis allows you to uncover and resolve emotional hurt and fear underlying an inability to reach orgasm, lack of desire, sexual pain, and sexual inhibition and worry. You can then regain a healthy sexual interest and fully enjoy all the pleasures and joys of your sexual life.  























































Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free