Building Athletic Excellence


How many times have we said to ourselves that we know how to make a good clean straight golf shot, swing a superb tennis backhand or do some other athletic skill well. But if only we could do it at that very moment we want to do it. If we could only concentrate and focus right when we need to. 


Sound familiar?


Whether you are working on improving your game of golf, tennis or long distance running, learning technique and training your body to be at peak level is important. However, it is well understood by sports specialists up to 90% of an athlete’s performance is dependent on training the mind.


Hypnosis can effectively and comfortably help you program your mind to have a winning attitude, build a keen sense of focus and concentration and consistently perform at your top level of athletic ability. While in a state of hypnosis your heightened mental awareness allows you to imagine and use all your senses with greater clarity and detail. With practice you can develop your keen ability to imagine yourself, perhaps making a beautiful downhill ski run with outstanding form, style and ease. And then, imagine the applause of a cheering crowd below! This heightens a feeling of success, pride and confidence. As you excite your imagination, you embed your topnotch performance into your goal achieving subconscious mind.


No matter what your sport is, hypnosis allows you to easily and effectively slow down the process and zero in on each smaller movement and tune into each accompanying sensation. It allows you to become aware of internal activity, such as breathing, heart rate, blood flow and stamina. This strengthens and compounds your ideal performance, which then transforms into one beautiful fluid package of complete excellence and becomes your physical reality. 


Such mental practice has a powerfully effective influence because it will fire off the same nerve activity patterns that occur during actual physical practice. By repeatedly rehearsing your skill mentally, your muscles are actually stimulated and conditioned, and you develop muscle memory. In turn, your mental practice has similar affects on your muscle training as actual physical practice does.


In addition, hypnosis helps you to remain undisturbed by extraneous noise, difficulties, concerns or worries, and maintain mental sharpness and alertness coupled with a relaxed ease and control. It also conditions you to internalize specific triggers and key words that instantly summon up your optimal level of mental focus and physical readiness just before you swing your golf club, swing your racquet or power down the ski slope.  


Remember to take plenty of time to mentally rehearse your winning performance. The benefits are cumulative and compounding. And what you mentally practice and replay over and over again, will become your winning physical response. 


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