Take Back Your Health and Happiness


“Your Life is about YOU; Your Life is NOT about THEM.”


THIS IS YOUR LIFE, not someone else’s. Only you can live your life and make it right for you. It is a waste of your precious energy to attempt to live someone else’s life. And if you try, you will not be living your life. You are giving up your control of your life to someone else.


TAKE OUT of your vocabulary the words, “have to”, “got to”, “should have” “could have” “would have” and “I can’t”. They are self condemning and self limiting. After all, if you “should” be doing that something, and you are not, you are saying to yourself you are somehow not good enough. As subtle as it may seem on your conscious level, your subconscious mind is taking this literally and you are creating negativity to your self belief system. Besides, isn’t there more than enough blame and criticism going around in life?


ADD INTO your vocabulary the words, “I can”, “I choose”, “I will”. These words create self empowerment. They influence you into taking responsibility and ownership. When you own something, it is you who decides what to do with it.


TAKE OWNERSHIP of your life and you successfully change the things you desire to change.  Taking ownership of your life, your Mis-takes and Right-takes, puts you fully in charge to keep what you want and discard what no longer serves you. No blame, just full and complete Power! When you blame the world around you, you become the victim, and you hold yourself down, way down. It is a self defeating pattern that holds you back from taking full control of your life, your health and ultimately your happiness.


THINK ABOUT, FOCUS ON and SPEAK OF only what you desire, instead of what you're avoiding. When you revisit negative thoughts, wounds and regrets, you give them life and you dis-empower your present life. 


THINK ABOUT, FOCUS ON and SPEAK OF only the valuable things you learned because of past situations you endured. When you revisit the wisdom gained, you give it life and you empower your present life.


YOUR THOUGHTS are just that, thoughts, and can instantly be changed. When a negative thought enters your mind, make a conscious effort to change it into something that feels good, positive and empowering. The more you practice this, the more it becomes habitual, and the more you find yourself staying in a consistent thought pattern that empowers you, no matter what is going on around you. 


CHANGE BEGINS by taking charge of your thoughts. Your words are your thoughts and your thoughts are your words. Your thoughts become your actions.     


HOW PEOPLE RESPOND to you is about them, not you. We are all pre-occupied with our own life, our own thoughts and beliefs. As you go through life situations and deal with your problems, form your interpretations and work out your decisions, others are also. What others do and how others live their life is their responsibility and their choice, as what you do and how you live your life is your responsibility and your choice.


LISTEN MORE TO YOURSELF. Listen to your emotions. Listen to your body.

Spot the areas calling out to you for healthy change and make it happen. 


LISTEN MORE TO OTHERS, and do it objectively and compassionately. Notice what they're saying is a response to their own thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Do not own it or be responsible for it. 


THERE IS NO PERFECTIONISM. Everything we do is a valuable part of the continuing process of experiencing, learning, creating and becoming our greatest self.  Everything!


We can all use Daily Reminders.

Making Cards with any of these thoughts and placing them where you can read them frequently has a powerful and positive effect on the way you live your life.


















Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free