Article published in:

New Health Digest

April 2006

Rochester, New York




Why We Cannot Think Ourselves Into Healing

By Helga Rahn, CH



Our world is filled with self-help books and other forms of advice, providing us with wonderful information about dealing with and resolving our emotional and physical issues. So why is it, even when we try to implement this external knowledge and advice into our life, many of us continue to struggle and cannot fully heal?


This is because certain unhealthy perceptions and unhealthy emotions have become trapped and embedded deep inside the inner part of our mind, known as the subconscious mind. As a result, a person is prone to develop any number of symptoms such as depression, or a physical disorder or disease, or turn to unhealthy behaviors such as excessive alcohol drinking or overeating.


The outer layer of our mind, known as the conscious mind, is also our critical and judgmental mind.  In our everyday awake state, this part of the mind is tightly wrapped around the subconscious mind. It is much like a gatekeeper, guarding all the programming already well established in the subconscious mind. If we hold the belief that we are inadequate or unworthy, any positive statement we say to ourselves that we are adequate and worthy has a temporary influence at best. Eventually, the long standing negative programming inside our inner mind again takes over, and all good and healthy ideas and understandings are muddled up and aborted. No matter how much we try to consciously think our way into healing, it simply does not work. 


So how does one build and own real and lasting peace, happiness and health? It is when we allow ourselves to freely open up to our powerful, resourceful and creative subconscious mind. This can be accomplished with methods such as hypnosis, whereby the process enables us to effortlessly relax the outer conscious critical mind out of the way. The judgmental mind becomes a passive watcher or an observer. Without interference or interruption, we allow our deepest held beliefs, life diminishing attitudes and fearful emotions to be truthfully rediscovered and better understood. Such insight therapy allows us to work directly and honestly with our deepest hurts, and honestly and fully release trapped emotional toxicity. When we have such internal subconscious clearing, we can fully and permanently give life to wonderful new and healthy understandings and emotions.


Thus, we live life with a mind holding healthy perceptions, life thriving attitudes and balanced feel good emotions. We have the right foundation to manifest a well functioning body and create a successful life, just the way we desire and dream it to be. There is no thinking involved, just a beautiful response from our internal program.





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