Eliminate Tobacco

and Take Back Control of your Life!


Isn't that your biggest frustration?

As though a part of your life is out of control?


If trying to stop has done nothing for you

but keep you hooked on tobacco,

perhaps it is time to take an approach

that will finally help you to get to the bottom of it.


Let the safe and natural process of hypnosis

help you to take back control, get your breath back

and live free of tobacco for the rest of your life!


Chew Tobacco 


Spit Tobacco is often misunderstood as a safer alternative to cigarettes.  But it has its own health risks. General statistics reveal that one can of chew is equivalent to about 60 cigarettes or 3 packs of cigarettes. Besides the ingredient nicotine, spit tobacco is made from a mixture of tobacco, sweeteners, abrasives, salts and chemicals. It contains over 3,000 chemicals including 28 known carcinogens.


For a much quicker ingestion into the body, spit tobacco contains course microscopic abrasives that cause small cuts in the gum tissue. These abrasives also irritate the mouth gums and scratch away at the enamel on the teeth. Other long-term effects include leukoplakia, gum recession, gum and tooth disease, yellowing of teeth and chronic bad breath.


Like smoking tobacco, chew tobacco affects the cardiovascular system and may be associated with heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Other health risks are deterioration of the jaw bone, cancer of the mouth, lips, tongue, cheeks, floor and roof of the mouth, as well as cancer of the lining of the stomach, the esophagus and the bladder.


Whether you are seeking my help to eliminate the smoking habit or the chewing habit, the steps to be tobacco-free are the same. 


Before you read on, let me ask you;
WHY do you WANT TO STOP using tobacco?

Most people who have come to me to stop using tobacco say it is for better health and longevity (besides pleasing the doctor, family and friends). 


Are there any guarantees that if you stop smoking or stop using spit tobacco you will have a long healthy, disease-free life? Of course not.


However do you agree that by eliminating cigarettes or chew tobacco, you automatically eliminate a potential contributor to ill-health issues and a shorter life span?


But what is really the issue here? Isn't it more about taking back control of a portion of your life that began to get out of control back when you tried your very first cigarette or chew tobacco? And then you found yourself handing over your control to that urge, that craving or need when it became habitual?


Not I or anyone in this world can make you stop using tobacco. But if you, right now and right here, are sick and tired of feeling as though tobacco has control over you and you want your control back, I can help you meet that desire. And improving your chances for a long healthy life is a wonderful secondary gain.


It is not about staying away from friends that use tobacco products. It is not about staying away from places and situations where smoking and spit tobacco is present. It is believing that within yourself, your very own personal world, cigarettes and all tobacco products do not exist. That means that no urge or need is present for you. 


Your Tobacco Cessation Sessions......

An average of 2 to 4 Hypnosis Transformation Sessions.

Your initial Hypnosis Transformation Session will focus on discovery and resolution of the emotional need to smoke or chew tobacco. Further Hypnosis Transformation Sessions are to reinforce the healthy emotional and behavior changes of living tobacco free, and to make it permanent for you.


Steps to Achieve
Successful Results with Hypnosis


Your job is to be 100% committed 

Not for your doctor, your spouse, your family or for your friends. It is only when you are absolutely disgusted and tired of the expensive and unhealthy habit that you will become a non-user for good. In order to completely eliminate tobacco, you must do it for yourself.



I will help you to become more trusting of yourself and your own natural capability to fully and completely achieve your goal and become a non-user for the rest of your life.


Focus on the Present 

When you are fully in the moment, you are experiencing everything with a fresh eye and an open mind. Together we will work to help you grow free and live powerfully in the present with tobacco-free thoughts, feelings and satisfactions, creating your healthy future.



Expecting differs from hoping, wishing or trying. Being indefinite in your intentions only causes you to place yourself outside your goal and decrease success. Together we will work to help you be your goal, by imagining yourself already as a non-user. By establishing and reinforcing such expectations, your goal to be a non-user becomes your reality.



To be successful, you must actively and consistently do what is necessary to meet your goal of living tobacco-free. Together we will work to help you move forward with desire, focus and determination to change old unhealthy patterns and create your new healthy tobacco-free life.



Hypnosis allows you to honestly and completely let go of all those old internal tapes and sabotaging opinions you feel others have formed about you, and you have formed about yourself. It helps you to eliminate those negative perceptions that keep repeating within you and are holding you back from reaching your goals. Hypnosis then gives you the opportunity to accept new truths, new healthy perceptions and thoughts of yourself, living your life as a non-user.


Identify and Acknowledge your Fears and Doubts

Together we will work to help you bring your fears, worries, doubts and struggles with using tobacco to the surface, where you can identify and acknowledge them. We will work to help you release any negative internal talk, self-criticism and self-discrimination that sabotage your success. You will then have room for new healthy emotions, feelings, thoughts and attitudes.


Imagining yourself as a Non-User

An important part of the process of becoming a non-user is to mentally create the healthy tobacco-free you, as you will be in the future. I will help you to bring those desires, benefits and rewards of being a non-user into your present life. You will then begin imagining yourself becoming freer, healthier and happier. Such a desirable, free and healthy image of you has a powerful and effective influence on you to be your renewed non-user in-control self.


Deep Breathing for Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Learning to relax and cope with stress is an integral part for success. Taking a deep satisfying breathe, holding it and then slowly releasing it through your mouth, is very much like taking that first long drag off a cigarette, but without the cigarette smoke. Try it. I will help you to use deep breathing as an additional method to create a chain response to relax your mind and body, release mental pressure, stress and confusion, as well as loosen muscle and nerve tightness. Such deep breathing naturally, gently and automatically slows down your heartbeat, calms you and gives you a chance to refocus and to regroup.


On A Final Note


Help Your System Re-balance Itself

It is important to help your body flush out all the impurities from using tobacco products that have built up over time. Drink plenty of fresh water during the first week, and you will be pleasantly surprised how good it makes you feel. Eat plenty of fruits during the first week, and you will be pleasantly surprised how much your craving for cigarettes or chew is reduced. This is because much of your craving is for sugar. All cigarette and chew tobacco is loaded with sugar. Cigarettes, specifically, are up to 25% sugar. Therefore, the natural fructose in fresh, healthy fruits will satisfy your sugar cravings as well as nourish your body.


Make Exercise Part of your Daily Routine

Exercise is as important to becoming tobacco-free as it is to someone wanting to reduce weight and become fit and trim. I suggest in addition to healthier eating habits, to begin a suitable form of exercise, activity or sport. Simply by taking a walk, you can interrupt and break the old tobacco habit routine. All forms of exercise can improve your blood circulation and release those feel good feelings, as well as create internal pride, confidence and motivation.


But do not exercise instead of using tobacco. That will only cause you to keep the thought of the old tobacco habit alive in your inner mind.  Once you stop exercising, you may find yourself returning to the old habit. I suggest you exercise routinely because you want to feel better, you want to speed up your metabolism and you want to have a healthy body.



Be kind and patient with yourself.


Becoming tobacco-free is a transition of replacing old programs and patterns with new strategies and patterns. 


It is a transition of breaking connections between using tobacco and certain situations. 








Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free