Ultra Height® is a Level of

Expanded Mental Awareness


Ultra Height® is a method of hypnosis

that guides the mind into levels of expanded awareness and readily obtain knowledge and insight

to physical, emotional and behavioral difficulties.


A truly beautiful, wonderfully blissful and peaceful method for healing, exploration and discovery is Ultra Height®. It is a modality developed by the late Gerald F. Kein, founder of the Omni Hypnosis Training Center. Ultra Height® is a powerful and versatile method of hypnosis where you can work directly with your Higher Mind and tap into expanded levels of mental awareness, to obtain greater knowledge, insight and wisdom. It is a state where you can create healing for emotional and behavioral difficulties, as well as physical diseases, illnesses, disorders and conditions. At the same time, you experience a beautiful and very deep relaxation throughout your body.


Moving into this profound level of mental awareness is possible for everyone. The only requirements are to have a great desire and then an expectation and full commitment. It cannot be forced or pushed but needs to simply be allowed to happen while being guided by the hypnotist.


The transformation the powerful inner mind can create is virtually limitless. With each successive session you are able to move into levels of expanded mental awareness with more and more ease, gain more insight and create more healing change in any area of your life. The beauty of Ultra Height® is that there are absolutely no dangers, as it is a totally positive, joyous and loving experience.




















Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free