Understanding Hypnosis
for Healthy Change


It is said that within each and every one of us

resides our own physician.


Hypnotism is a completely safe, noninvasive and

very effective tool that gives you the opportunity

to reach within yourself, and open up to

your own inner wisdom and innate capabilities. 


It allows you to discover, resolve and release

the thoughts and emotions causing unwanted behaviors and habits, as well as illness, disease and disorder.

It gives you the opportunity to heal your self.


Hypnosis is a Tool or Method.  


Hypnosis is a process used as a complementary tool that works in conjunction with the health care profession for the purpose of healthy living.


The hypnotic state is a natural and normal state of the mind where the subconscious mind becomes receptive and allows the establishment of new thoughts and emotions.


A person gives themselves the opportunity to discover, resolve and release the thoughts and emotions harbored by their subconscious mind that have manifested into emotional and physical ill-health and unhealthy behavior patterns.


When we heal the thought and emotion living in our mind, we heal the symptom manifesting in our body.


This theory is based on Thought-Cause Alignment, and is fundamental to using hypnosis for healthy change. The premise is that our mental thought patterns influence our emotional and physical health. This model is quite different from the theory of disease in conventional medicine that places the source or origin of disease in the body rather than in the mind.


The body's natural tendency is that towards health.


"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well." (Hippocrates, 460-377 B.C.) Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician and teacher given the title of “Father of Medicine”, taught that our physical body has the inborn ability to correct itself and grow whole and healthy. This is allowed to happen when given a healing environment and the mind rebalances with healthy thoughts and emotions. 


Every person goes in and out of lighter states of hypnosis several times each day.


Hypnosis is a state of focused mental concentration, self awareness, watchfulness and heightened emotional sensitivity. You often move into this state spontaneously while you’re watching a movie or reading a great book. As you become completely immersed in the storyline, your focus and concentration deepens, time is suspended and everything happening around you becomes less important. However if the phone rings, you are suddenly jolted back to your everyday conscious mind or outer awareness. You were neither asleep nor unconscious, but you were in a natural state of hypnosis. Your subconscious mind or inner awareness dominated, and you moved into deeper thoughts and became more sensitive to your emotions.


You are always in complete control
while in a state of hypnosis. 


Although your body is deeply relaxed, your mind is very alert and aware. You are able to hear and respond, and actively take part in a hypnosis session. Although the hypnotist helps and guides you, you are always in complete control. It is up to you, what suggestions you accept or reject for yourself.


Hypnosis allows all levels of the mind
to work in beautiful harmony.


When you consent to move into hypnosis, the critical or judgmental part of your mind temporarily moves to the side, and allows your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind to work together. This allows you to first remove unhealthy, self-limiting and self-destructive subconscious mental programming, and then establish the new healthy and positive thoughts, beliefs and emotions that you desire, want and need.



  A Map of The Mind in Hypnosis

 A Map of Accumulation of Life Experiences     A Map of Regression to Cause




Inner and Outer Mind Awareness


The Outer Awareness


This is the outer awareness and the dominant part of the mind during our normal every day awake state. It is the logical, rational, analytical and judgmental part of the mind. It holds our temporary or short-term memory, and it creates will power, which is a short burst of energy that is only temporarily effective for change.


The Inner Awareness


This is the first level of the inner awareness, which is the dominant part of the mind while in a state of hypnosis or somnambulism. It is the powerful goal-achieving part of the mind. It is our emotional mind and does not carry logic or judgment. It holds our permanent memory, our imagination and our inner programming that consists of our core beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and emotions.


This is the body’s consciousness. It regulates the autonomic nervous system, such as breathing, heartbeat and digestion. It regulates the immune system and defends the body against infection and heals wounds. It also creates the physical sensations (feelings) and physical responses to our emotions.


This is the Higher Mind and the expanded level of mental awareness to obtain greater knowledge, insight and healing for emotional and physical difficulties and conditions.








Rebalancing Your Mind into Health allows You to Break Free